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# รายการหัวเรื่อง เขียนโดย ผู้ชม
21 Middle school technology and media literacy: an action research case study MEKISHA RENAÉ PARKS 795
22 Youth Media Literacy Practices: The Possibilities and Complexities of Creating and Distributing Non-Commercial Public Media in a Private and Commercial World Amy Jane Bach 600
23 How Adolescent Girls Interpret Weight-Loss Advertising Renee Hobbs and others 799
24 Quantifying Media Literacy: Development, Reliability, and Validity of a New Measure Edward T. Arke and Brian A. Primack 654
25 Teaching Health Literacy Using Popular Television Programming: A Qualitative Pilot Study Brian Primack A.and others 924
26 Media Literacy and Attitude Change : Assessing the Effectiveness of Media Literacy Training on Children's Responses to Persuasive Messages within the Elm Bradford L. Yates 535
27 Effectiveness of health-promoting media literacy education : a systematic review Lynda J. Bergsma1 and Mary E. Carney 640
28 Adolescents’ impressions of antismoking media literacy education: qualitative results from a randomized controlled trial Brian A. Primack and others. 612
29 Predicted Outcome Value of E-mail Communication: Factors that Foster Professional Relational Development between Students and Teachers Stacy Young, Dawn Kelsey, and 590
30 Association of Various Components of Media Literacy and Adolescent Smoking Primack, Brian A. & Hobbs, Renee 700
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