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# รายการหัวเรื่อง เขียนโดย ผู้ชม
1 Are Youths Today Media Literate? A Singapore Study Lian Huay Lim and Yin-Leng Theng 1326
2 Digital media literacy education and online civic and political participation J. Kahne, J. T. Feezell, N. Lee 1375
3 Internet a report into young people's digital fluency JamesBartlett & Carl Miller 1284
4 Youth, Privacy and Reputation A.E. Marwick, D.M. Diaz, J. Palfrey 1189
5 Kids and Credibility: An Empirical Examination of Youth,Digital Media Use, Information Credibility A. J. Flanagin & M. J. Metzger 1284
6 Exploring creative digital media production in informal learning K. A. Peppler & Y. B. Kafai 1175
7 Learning: Is there an app for that? Cynthia Chiong & Carly Shuler 1181
8 Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out. Kids Living and Learning with New Media M. Ito, S. Baumer, M. Bittanti, et. al 1311
9 Always Connected: The New Digital Media Habits of Young Children A. L. Gutnick, M. Robb, L. Takeuchi, J. Kotler 1130
10 Informing Communities, Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age The Knight Commission on the information needs of communities in a democracy 1177
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