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Information and Communication Technology(ICTs)


Information and Communication Technology(ICTs)

for Community Empowerment through Non-Formal Education

Experiences from Lao PDR, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Uzbekistan 

       Over the last two decades, a country's ability to create, select, adapt, use and profit from knowledge has become increasingly important to its sustainable economic growth and improvement of living standards. The growing role of information and knowledge has led to a new rationale for the function of information and communication technologies(ICTs) in diverse societies. These technologies are now recognized as tools not only for training, but also for progressive social change, the strengthening of human intellectual capacity, and the formation of modern lifestyles. Combined with opportunities for lifelong learning, ICTs can provide individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to cope with the global changes taking place in countries everywhere and with the challenges arising in various areas of daily life.



UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education

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