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หน้าหลัก สื่อแนะนำ อีบุ๊ค (E-book) Understanding Information Literacy:A Primer


Understanding Information Literacy:A Primer


Understanding Information Literacy:

A Primer

Forest Woody Horton, Jr (Author)

Two types of skills are needed for a student to become information literate. One set of skills are conceptual skills, which is to say that each individual brings to the task of defi ning an information requirement, and then going about searching for the information, his or her own distinctive information style and conceptual framework. Becoming consciously aware of one’s own information behavior and attitudes is a crucial learning outcome. That is sometimes called refl exive thinking. But a second skill needed to become information literate is to acquire practical, hands-on skills for utilizing a particular kind of information resource or tool, such as how to use a search engine, or use a spreadsheet software package, or prepare a PowerPoint presentation.


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