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Principles of Awareness-Raising for Information Literacy, a case study


Principles of Awareness-Raising for Information Literacy :

a case study

Richard Sayers (Author)

This handbook has been written to provide guidelines for developing process of awareness-raising. Theories, principles and techniques are offered in this manual based on the experiences of those who have developed practices that were successful and that met certain expectations. Rather than presenting generalizations, the handbook focuses on one event, the United Nations Literacy Decade 2003-2012.

Raising public awareness of any issue is not an easy undertaking and achieving lasting behavioural change is harder still. However, as this handbook demonstrates, with a basic understanding of human communication, some knowledge of effective approaches to awareness-raising, and a measure of simple planning, it is possible to affect positive, equitable and sustainable change.

The objective, through this handbook, is to offer a helping hand to everybody involved in awareness-raising processes by endowing them with comprehensive information about what, how and when issues are to be raised in order to embark successfully on the journey to raising awareness.


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