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หน้าหลัก ประเด็นเด่น ความรุนแรง Violence in Crime-Appeal Programming and in Crime Statistics


Violence in Crime-Appeal Programming and in Crime Statistics


Violence in Crime-Appeal

Programming and in Crime Statistics

A Content Analysis of Finnish Poliisi-TV

Mirka Smolej


          Numerous studies have noted that media representations of violent crime do not correnspond to actual levels and features of violence in society. The present article examines whether this is true of the Finish crime-appeal program Poliisi-TV. In addition, the article identifies similarities and differences in Finish violence reporting in comparison with international research findings. The data consist of 23 episodes including 67 violence vignettes that are contrasted with statistical dat on violence. Violence is highly over-reported in the program. A typical violent crime is an assault on the street at night between two previously unacquainted Finnish men, although reports on more hidden and rare types of violences are also prominent. Thus, the common generalization that crime media concentrate on the most violence and serious crimes perpetrated on the most vulnerable vivtims is disputed. The article discusses possible explanations for the differences among Anglo-Saxon and Nordic crime media contents and calls for more research on crime media's positive implications


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