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The Bangkok Floods – Reflection on the Waters


The Bangkok Floods – Reflection on the Waters

       The lingering flood-waters on the Chao Phraya plain, especially in and around Bangkok, are a reminder of the vulnerability of all low-lying cities in Asia to heavy rainfall. While parts of the city have continued to function, though with difficulty, a number of outlying areas are still flooded and barely able to function more than a month after the beginning of the flood. This NTS Insight briefly examines the likely costs of the flood. It then reflects on what might have been had water depths been comparable to historical floods, and on the major technical and economic challenges that lie ahead with climate change expected to bring higher sea and possibly more frequent and even greater flooding.


By R.D. Hill.


Ref: Hill, R.D., 2011, 'The Bangkok Floods - Reflections on the Waters', NTS Insight, November, Singapore: RSIS Centre for Non-Traditional Security (NTS) Studies.


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