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Tracking MIL in Asia Pacific Regions

Tracking Media and Information Literacy in Asia Pacific Regions

Sara Gabai and Mariaelena Bianchetti

       In our global information society, Media and Information Literacy (MIL) is not an option. The ability to access, analyze, evaluate and communicate messages is a prerequisite for the learners of the 21st century. Educators must integrate a media and information literacy pedagogy in the traditional school curriculum in order to respond to the needs of new media users and producers.

       UNESCO combines the skills and abilities of Information literacy and Media literacy to offer a more inclusive approach to education:

       Information literacy is the ability to define and articulate information needs, locate, access, organize and communicate information, make an ethical use of the latter and use ICT skills for its processing. (Wilson, C., Grizzle, A., Tuazon, R., Akyempong, K., Cheung, C., 2011)



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